St. Paul Catholic Church
603 4th Street
Mosinee, WI 54455
(715) 693-2650
St. Paul Catholic School
404 High Street
Mosinee, WI 54455
(715) 693-2675

Mission: St. Paul School is a Catholic community dedicated to teach as Jesus taught, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Where Faith and Knowledge Meet

St. Paul Catholic School is committed to providing an education that meets or exceeds state standards in classrooms that are dedicated to each student’s development of academic, social and spiritual growth. Students at St. Paul enjoy the unique methods and activities their teachers use in the classroom. Connecting academics to the arts, religion, community and the real world make our classrooms unique and successful. The teachers at St. Paul meet the high qualifications required by both the state of Wisconsin, and the Diocese of La Crosse; staff development is constant.

With the presence of God acknowledged in every person and every event, St. Paul fosters a community filled with respect for one another and reverence for all life.

St. Paul Catholic School is open to all denominations.

St. Paul School Offers… Strong religious education, environmental education through field trips, Music education, computer education, Home and School Association, Phonics and Literature based reading programs, internet access in all rooms, physical education, and parent involvement.

JoAnn Sondelski, Interim Principal 715.693.2675

Language Arts Curriculum

St. Paul School has integrated the Diocese of La Crosse Catholic School Language Arts Curriculum into its education foundation. This curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards. Guided by Catholic values, this curriculum helps form students into lifelong learners who critically examine literature, effectively research information, and clearly articulate their thoughts and ideas through written and spoken language.

Language Arts is the foundation that provides the tools for students to be successful learners in all academic areas. The skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking enable students to effectively express themselves and interact with others.

Home and School Association

All parents of children in grades Kindergarten on up are members of the St. Paul Home and School Association. This organization functions much like other parent/teacher groups to help provide quality education for children through parental involvement in the school.

The organization also serves as a fund raising organization for school needs through activities. If you would like more information on the fund raising efforts please contact a Home and School officer.

This group sponsors activities such as Catholic Schools Week activities, RIF (Reading is Fundamental) program, guest speakers, and field trips.

Home and School meets four times a year during the school year. Meeting dates are published in the bulletin as well as the school newsletter.