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Faith Formation - Grades 1-10

Classes begin Wednesday, September 26 for students in grades 1 - 10.  

We believe the parents are the primary religious educators of their children. In the St. Paul Faith Formation Program we recognize a responsibility to help the parents in their duty to provide religious education for their children.

We need YOU! Each and every one of us is called to pass on the faith to our youth. Please prayerfully consider helping in our Faith Formation program. Don’t feel “called” to be a catechist? No problem! We can use your talents during the class sessions to be a floor monitor, side walk safety patrol, door monitor. Consider volunteering an hour or so a week to help with clerical tasks, large group set up and take down (when needed). Qualifications: A desire to grow closer in your relationship with Jesus by reaching out to our amazing children and youth adults! Contact the Faith Formation Office at 715.693.4030  to offer your help.

All eligible children of St. Paul Parish family receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time in the second grade. The responsibility to continue receiving these sacraments by the child/children belongs to the parents. Neither the school nor Faith Formation Program will necessarily provide for these sacraments, other than the first Celebration.

The Sacrament of the first Reconciliation is celebrated in January; the First Eucharist is celebrated in May. In the Faith Formation Program, the child must have completed first grade Faith Formation.

Confirmation is the third sacrament of the initiation into the church. Our program, consisting of grades 8-10 is a three-year commitment. Course work, related preparation and spiritual guidance assist the students in becoming adult members of the parish community. The Sacrament of the Confirmation is bestowed by the Bishop of the La Crosse Diocese.

 St. Paul Faith Formation
404 High Street ~ Mosinee, WI 54455

The Youth Group will provide young adults (Grades 6 -12) an opportunity to experience a growth in their Catholic Faith.

Join us on Wednesdays following Faith Formation classes in the Tetzlaff Center Youth Room (lower level).